Why I Don’t Follow for Follow…

This is a post that has been coming for a long time now. First off I don’t want anyone to think I’m being mean when i say no to a F4F, its simply because I never liked the idea of being “forced” to follow someone you normally wouldn’t follow.  To me I think you have to work hard to get true followers on any social media and it’s hard! I began my instagram to show the world my dog that i loved so much before she died.  I started it so that i could remember her when she died and if people came along my little account and wanted to follow her it made my day.  When I think of a follow for follow its for numbers only, not true people you grow to “know” and that they look for your pictures or posts then comment something nice.  Also i think its a little bit of a scam. Why? well as soon as you click the follow button they get a notification, then you can unfollow them with out them getting a notification about it.  Its unfair and mean.  When i constantly see people liking my posts or commenting I check them out and usually follow them so that I can give them the same love they showed my account.  Its hard to get good followers and it can take time! My friend who is husky sisters on instagram hit 1,000 followers before we even knew what was happening she has been in magazines etc and i am so happy for her! but with me i’ve been at it for a year and only have over 400 and thats not a bad thing! you know why? because instead of wanting numbers i have people who truly love my page.  everyone goes down a different path and some get followers more easily than others. My motto is do it because it makes you happy no matter if you have one follower or 2,000 followers. If you build it they will come. yes i went there. Be patient and appreciate what your page is about.


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