Dog Scams?

zoey on steps

I am very happy to be able to share pictures of my dogs with the world and let people who care/ follow me know whats going on with them.  Along with that I can also help other dogs in need of homes, lost dogs, etc.  but it has come to my attention that not all dog accounts may be truthful.  You have probably heard of telemarketers and online scams.  These people are very smart and know what people love the most and usually won’t think twice about donating to.  One of the topics is dogs. We see a dog in need and we instantly jump to help it. I have seen a couple of sketchy accounts asking for money for a dogs surgery or something like that and as I was looking at the comments I had a feeling that it wasn’t realistic and just out for money.

I just wanted to say before you share any information about yourself or your money to please make sure that it is a legit organization or a true person who has that animal.  Also you never HAVE to give money to any of these accounts.  You can just re-post for someone who wants to donate.

Now here is some information on dog scams:


A dog scam is usually when you see a post about a dog in trouble.  For example it needs an operation because it has some illness or handicap.  They will then ask you to donate to the cause.

How to avoid being scammed:

You want to always make sure that the post or dog is a legitimate thing.  Make sure its an organization that is trustworthy with your money.  Contact the owner and make sure they actually own this dog or pet.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Ill see you soon!


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