Our Favorite “Shock” Collar!

Having new puppies is fun until you realize just how much time, effort, and training they take.  When we got Sydney and Winnie we enrolled them in puppy classes at our local vets office.  The classes helped a ton and the trainer suggested a spray bottle of water for saying ‘bad dog’.  Instead of doing this we found a collar that doesn’t shock or hurt the dog.  We found one that sprays them instead.  The collar is by the company Pet Safe and is called spray-commander Remote trainer.  It has a remote with three different levels.


The first button is just a beep warning to the dog to stop.  They will hear it and know if they don’t stop barking, jumping, growling, etc they will get sprayed.  The second button is a short spray. The third is a long spray to the dog.  This has helped with the puppies bad habits and it isn’t harmful to them either which is a great thing!

Here is what the collar looks like:

IMG_1705 IMG_1704

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it helped! if you have any questions be sure to leave a comment here or on my instagram!


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