Hey everyone! Today I thought it would be fun to share a little history on how we ended up with Zoey. I was in around first grade when we got her.  Our old dog Dixie had died and we were without  a dog.  I headed to a birthday party and my mom and sister headed to Pets-mart.

In the parking lot of petsmart mom told my sister “We are only looking, not buying today.”  My sister said okay and they went on in to see the dogs.  They came across Zoey who was around six months old.  They both loved her, but mom said no and they moved ahead to see the other dogs.  When they moved on another family stepped up and looked at Zoey.  The family looked very attached to her and looked like they were going to buy her.

“Go over there and act like we bought her.”  My mom said to my sister.

My sister happy as can be did just that.  the family moved on and we ended up with a new dog! My sister burst into the party I was at and screamed that we got  a new dog! My sister and I were so happy!  we didn’t have her yet, we were getting her the next day or so.

The day we got her it was April fools day  and my dad and brother were out on a camping trip and had no idea that we had bought a new dog.  We went to go pick them up at the school and my mom warned us not to tell them straight away because they were probably tired.  Being the child my sister was, she ran right up to my dad and yelled that we had gotten a dog.  My dad started to laugh because he didn’t believe it.  After all it was April fools day.

We told them it wasn’t a joke and when they got home we let Zoey out and they were so surprised that we were serious! My mom and dad stayed up and talked about keeping her after they had thought we had gone to bed, but me and my sister were at the top of the steps.

They decided that we could keep her and here we are! Many years later and with one of the best dogs ever!

I hope you liked this little story!



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