Zoey Hot Spots!

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing some of Zoeys favorite places to be in our home.  When we go looking for her these are the places we look for first.

zoey on bed

The first and most likely place to find her is in my room on her bed.  She goes in here and rarely leaves.  Zoey has a nice bed in here with some blankets and occasionally a bone she steals from the puppies.  My room is HERS ONLY.  she refuses to share with any other dog. When the puppies wonder in Zoey leaves immediately. Zoey also sleeps in here at night instead of a crate.

zoey edit reading room

The next place is my reading room.  She loves it in here for some odd reason.  I recently bought a fake sheepskin rug and she has claimed it for herself.  She will always lay on it and pretty much nothing else.  This room is in the basement so she doesn’t have to go up any steps to be with me which is nice since she can have a hard time on steps.

zoey on steps

The last place is on top of the steps.  She likes to sit here because it is close to my room and she can still hear and see everything that is going on in the kitchen. She can also see who is coming and going through out the day.  The puppies love it when she sits here.  They will be walking around on the main level and stop suddenly when they see her little head.  Its funny to watch but usually ends up with one of us chasing the puppies up the steps so they won’t disturb her.

There you have it! Zoeys favorite places around the house.  I’m sure you have seen all of these places on Instagram at one time or another.


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