How to keep your dogs organized

Hey guys! Today I am going to be sharing how we keep the house clean with four dogs.  When we have people over you never really want to have all of you dogs toys out and cluttered around your home.  So I will be sharing our way of keeping them organized.


The toy bin.  Yes we have a toy bin for the dogs and frankly they love it.  When they want a toy they will walk up to this and dig around for the toy they want.  Having a toy bin helps a lot with keeping their toys out of sight and all in one place.  At the end of the day or when we put them away we go around a collect all the toys they got out and place them back in the bin.


The next tip is to have a designated sleeping area for their crates.  Some people keep them in their bedrooms and we keep ours in the basement mud room.


This is winnies crate and on the other side there is sydneys crate


This is where the dogs sleep at night or during the day when we have to leave them at home.  Having their crates someplace because then when you say ‘Go to bed’ they know to go into their crates. When guests come over their crates are out of sight so people wont be distracted by them and the dogs wont get excited with seeing new people.

Have a feeding place

dog eating center

This is where we keep the dogs dishes and water.  We keep them in the kitchen so if they drop any food we van easily clean it up.  Not to mention water wont get on the carpet. Have a place designated for their food so when its time to eat they can head to that place and expect food.  If Zoey is hungry she will go straight to her dish and look at us and that’s when we know its dinner time.

Store the food

IMG_1432 IMG_1429

With our dogs they are very greedy and if we leave a new, unopened bag of dog food out on the floor they will tear into it and eat it.  All of it.  We keep the dogs food separated in bins like this.  They are plastic and have a lid that locks down so the dogs can’t get to it.

– Zoey


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